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"Laughter is an instant vacation."
~Milton Burle 

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"The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you."

 ~David Foster Wallace Infinite Jest

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island jester

: a ridiculous but amusing sculpture
"Every normal person, in fact, is only normal on the average. His ego approximates to that of the
psychotic in some part or other and to a greater or lesser extent."

~Sigmund Freud
"Anytime there is a struggle between doing what is actually right and doing what seems right, then your ego is interfering with your decision."
~Darren L. Johnson

baby ego

"Every autobiography is concerned with two characters, a Don Quixote, the Ego, and a Sancho Panza, the Self."
~W.H. Auden

Friday, August 10, 2012

"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly. " 
~Lauren Bacall

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garden bounty


ruby potato gem & sunshine squash


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garden heart

"How deeply seated in the human heart is the liking for gardens and gardening."
~Alexendar Smith

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hummingbird break

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for flight