Thursday, January 03, 2013

hey you

attention idiots:

this blog was created specifically for communication to the bay of malfeasants and has never been intended for shameless self publicity.

I've never allowed comments as the content speaks for itself. And I don't need likes.

Upon clicking the picture in the blog post you can read a special message intended for a particular entity for whom I intended it at the time of publication. Many times I had a post set to publish during a live event to cause intended guidance to the relevant issues.

I've no care nor concern for miscreants and misfits.

Outta 3,347 posts, it's hysterical that my dirty laundry posts are in the top 5 images searched in a 22bunnylane query.

This blog was a way to keep it real for the many years I endured of filthy litigation that you'll find riveting once I publish the story. 

This was meant as a semi JOKE to the filthy PI's and firms who got paid to stalk me.

You might reserve judgement as the publication of the true tale awaits publication.

Perhaps you will suspend judgement until you get the b side of this simple math equation?

What you have is 2 slices of wonderbread on the WWW and that is A and C=
what is missing is case b and I intend to make my statement soon.
ie. if you are served a plate with 2 slices of wonderbread, that is not a sandwich now is it?
What do you actually have on the plate?
Nothing. 2 slices of nothing.
No nutritional value.
No meat if you will or filling.
Not even pb&j.

Now ask yourself if you have wildly underestimated me in your conclusion jumping hysteria?

And please refrain from rolling your eyes... 




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